Export secret key from WinXP (GnuPG) 1.4.7 to AIX PGP Version 6.5.8 gives Bad Pass Phrase

rlively 72ceot902 at sneakemail.com
Thu Sep 18 20:01:00 CEST 2008

David Shaw wrote:
> We're both right with regards to the facts of PGP 2.x.  With all due
> respect to Robert, I'm right with regards to whether it'll work.
> You have a modern OpenPGP program.  Your correspondent has, or can be made
> to have, a modern
> OpenPGP program.  Your correspondent's key is a V3 key (the so-called
> "PGP 2.x" key).
> OpenPGP does just fine with V3 keys.  The spec says:
> Since you are the one doing the encrypting, and you are running GPG, and
> your GPG does not have IDEA, you will encrypt using 3DES.  Your
> correspondent, receiving this message will be able to decrypt it as
> 3DES is required by all OpenPGP programs.

I did a test with the contact, and I received this response:

contact with legacy v3 key wrote:
> Won't be a problem... we use McAfee e-Business Server v7.5 on our OS/390
> mainframe as well as McAfee e-Business v8.x on Windows as well as GnuPG
> (gpg) with IDEA support DLL.  I was able to decrypt your message
> (encrypted with our legacy IDEA key).

So it seems to work, but I do have this concern: is it possible that since
they tested it on Windows with GnuPG and not on their e-Business server on
the mainframe and that the real file will fail when their mainframe attempts
to decrypt it?  I sent this reply to get that extra test done:

rlively wrote:
> Is it possible to transfer the file to your mainframe to see if e-Business
> server can decrypt it as well?  We do not have the IDEA support DLL, which
> means that the message was encrypted using 3DES instead of IDEA, but
> modern GnuPG and PGP installations are still perfectly capable of
> decrypting that.  I do have concerns about the e-Business server
> installation on the mainframe, though.

Is that correct?  When I view the encrypted file, it shows this:

public key encrypted packet: version 3, algo RSA, keyid <blahblah>
encrypted data packet: mdc method 0, length 82.

What is mdc method 0?

My concern is partially due to this entry on 
Wikipedia , which seems to imply that the development for e-Business server
stopped in 2001, which means that it may fall under the heading of "legacy
PGP program" that is not OpenPGP conformant and therefore can't decrypt the
OpenPGP traffic:

wikipedia wrote:
> In early 2001, Zimmermann left NAI. He served as Chief Cryptographer for
> Hush Communications, who provide an OpenPGP-based e-mail service,
> Hushmail. He has also worked with Veridis and other companies. In October,
> 2001, NAI announced that its PGP assets were for sale and that it was
> suspending further development of PGP encryption. The only remaining asset
> kept was the PGP E-Business Server (the original PGP Commandline version).
> In February 2002, NAI cancelled all support for PGP products, with the
> exception of the re-named commandline product. NAI (now McAfee) continues
> to sell and support the product under the name McAfee E-Business Server.
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