Changing preferences

David Shaw dshaw at
Mon Sep 22 04:42:28 CEST 2008

On Sep 21, 2008, at 10:30 PM, Kevin Hilton wrote:

>> If you never want to see that algorithm used ever, leave it
>> off the list completely.
> Not to beat a dead horse, but this statement isn't exactly true.  The
> sender can force the use of a particular algorithm that is not on the
> list.  I take objection to the use of the work "never".

Oh, for crying out loud.  The sender can do whatever the sender  
likes.  That's what is so nice about being the sender.  The sender can  
send unencrypted, but we don't mention that option.  The sender could  
also choose to encapsulate their message in a text-to-speech MP3, but  
we don't mention that option either.  Heck, there could be some bug in  
the sender's program that causes it to use the wrong algorithm, and  
again we don't mention that.

I'm not going to prefix every single statement I make with an "Except  
in the case where the sender is intentionally violating the spec and  
is ignoring all the warning messages telling them to knock it  
off...."  We need to have some baseline of communication here, and  
avoid taking something that is really very simple and making it  
tragically complex.


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