unblock PIN: Permission denied

Christian Schäfer schaefer_c at freenet.de
Sun Sep 21 14:25:45 CEST 2008

Hello all,

i have a question regarding unblocking PINs on a gnupg card (from g10code).

I entered three times the wrong PIN (*sigh*) and now the PIN is blocked.
If i try to unblock it with

gnupg --card-edit

and then choosing "2. unblock PIN", i get the respone "Error unblocking
the PIN: permission denied".

I used this command as the card-owning user and also as root (to try if
os-specific issues are the reason for this message) to no avail.

So, by now i'm unable to unblock my PIN. Does anyone have a hint for
this issue?

Thanks and best regards.

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