Keyserver doesn't honour signature removal

Dominik George nik at
Sun Apr 12 14:35:34 CEST 2009

Hi John,

that is, I can add anything I want to my key, but never remove it? Not
even signatures?

I understand that I cannot remove keys, but I think any changes that
require my secret key would be ok :( ...


John W. Moore III schrieb:
> Dominik George wrote:
> > Is it even possible to remove signatures from a key and distribute this
> > change? Or am I doing something wrong?
> What lands on the Keyservers stays on the Keyservers, forever.  :(
> This is due to the sharing/gossip nature of most Keyservers.  There are
> 2 Keyservers I am aware of which do not share/gossip; Big Lumber & PGP
> Global Directory.  Of these 2 _only_ BL prevents anyone but the
> Key/Account Owner from 'changing' the listed Key.
> Listing Your Key at will allow You to display Your Key
> exactly as You desire it to appear and folks may be directed to retrieve
> it from there via a Comment line or a signature tagline.  I am not aware
> of the ability to specify the Big Lumber listing in a 'Preferred
> Keyserver' flag.
> IMO, the benefits of having One's Key available via auto-retrieval
> outweighs the hassle of undesired Signatures and the 'baggage' of
> old/revoked UID's.  YMMV
> JOHN ;)
> Timestamp: Sunday 12 Apr 2009, 08:00  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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