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> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 6:02 AM, Jan Banan <viceversasport at>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am completely new to encryption as well as Unix-server programs etc. I
> am
> > trying to set up a form on a webpage that should be encrypted when the
> data
> > is sent to me. I have found a freeware package from VerySimple which is
> > called simplesecure 3.33 ( and
> it
> > looks excactly what I need it to be. I have installed it on my hosting
> > server and started configuring it, but when it comes to the part of
> > specifying the path to the GPG executable I realize that I have no such
> > file.
> >
> > I quote from the installation instructions:
> >>
> >> "Step Three: Configure GPG/PGP Path:
> >
> > (This step is only necessary if you plan to use the encryption features
> of
> > SimpleSecure)
> >
> > The "Encrypting Settings" tab of the System Settings page contains fields
> > for PGP and GPG (see screenshot).
> >
> > GPG & PGP Executable paths should be something like "/usr/bin/pgp" or
> > "/usr/bin/gpg". If your site is hosted on a Windows server, The path may
> be
> > something like "C:/Program Files/PGP/pgp.exe" (In the case of Windows
> > servers, leave the quotes around the path).
> >
> > The Keyring path can be configured in two ways.
> >
> > A. (recommended). Specify the full path to th e ~/cgi-bin/ssecure/keys
> > directory. (for example
> > "/usr/www/public_html/myaccount/cgi-bin/ssecure/keys") Use the same value
> > for both GPG and PGP keyring path.
> >
> > B. (advanced). If you already have a location where you store GPG/PGP
> > keyrings, you may specify the full path here. (for example
> > "/usr/home/myaccount/.pgp"). If you decide to configure the path this
> way,
> > you must also allow world-read access to your keyring folder.
> >
> > SimpleSecure is now configured and ready to test...
> >
> > "
> >
> > I presume I have to download it from GnuPG. But since I have no
> experience
> > with Unix software I have no clue what to download and how to tell if it
> is
> > an executable.
> >
> > Can someone help me and give me a few pointers, please. If I know I am on
> > the right road I can usually find my way by myself, but here I am a bit
> lost
> > in the forest.
> >
> > The server is running Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix).
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > /peter
> >
> Are you using actual Unix or a Linux distro? (Or BSD?) If you're using
> Linux, most distros have some sort of package manager, e.g., Fedora
> uses rpm packages (an yum to manage rpms), some others use apt-get,
> etc. I think BSD has some sort of package manager, too, but I'm not
> sure what it is. I have know idea about Unix. These should allow to
> install the binaries pretty easily. The alternative is to build from
> source, which is generally easier than it may sound to a new *nix
> user. Especially with GNU software, the build routine is usually very
> straight forward. In any event, you can download the source and find
> links to binaries for different package managers from
> I can't help but wonder, though, why you're encrypting something
> /after/ it's sent to you over the Internet...once it's been out on the
> net, you can't be sure who has a copy (unless of course you're using
> secure HTTP).
> -Brian

Hi, and thanks for answering!
Well, just to avoid misunderstandings, I have a form on a secure HTTP page
on a third-party server. The form data is sent secured from the browser to
the server. When it reaches the server it is to get encrypted before it is
sent to me via email. Once arrived at my local email-inbox it is decrypted.
(And anyway, I am not dealing with credit card numbers or any really
sensitive information, I just want to be able to offer a more or less secure
processing of the form data).
I am actually on a Windows machine myself so when it comes to my end I guess
I should install one of the win-versions to be able to decrypt the incoming
emails. But it is getting the GPG executable onto the Unix/Apache server
that is confusing to me at this point. I have already uploaded and
configured a perl script that will encrypt the form data and send it to me,
but for the encryption bit it needs to work together with a "GPG
executable". And that's the piece of the puzzle I am currently missing.
Are you saying that I could download the source code for e.g.
gnupg-1.4.9.tar.gz and then extract it to my Windows harddrive and get a
compiler to compile the code to a single file, which I then upload to my
hosting server? If so, what kind of compiler should I look for? Do I need it
to support special features or a special programming language?
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