New GnuPT-Version

Barry barry at
Mon Apr 20 17:30:43 CEST 2009


yesterday a new GnuPT-Version has been released.

Changelog for WinPT:

The swapped hotkey situation was not 100% solved. This version also
adjust the code to associate the keys for each hot key.
Updated the libgpg-error component to
The passphrase control does now *allow* to paste text into the field.
Swapped hotkey for the clipboard (encrypt, decrypt). The issue is now fixed.
Fix a problem that keyserver which are marked as deleted are still
displayed in the Key Manager context menu.
Fix wrong prefix for added keyserver entries. Now it is hkp:// by
default. The only exception is a port 80 entry which means http://.
The new data transport format is UTF-8. This step is important for
people who exchange encrypted message but they do not use the same
charset. WinPT handles the case automatically, which means all clipboard
data send to GPG is encoded in UTF-8 and all data we get back from GPG
is decoded from UTF-8 into the locale charset. If external software is
used, and the text contains 8-bit characters, no US-ASCII, the software
is responsible for decoding the UTF-8 data into the locale setting. This
should be the default case today.

TRANSLATIONS: New Russian translation.

Download at:


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