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Darshan Jain wrote:
> Can OpenPGP digital signature be used to comply to FDA's 21 CFR Part 11
> , or does it mandatorally require X.509 or PKI based signatures

You check the DHHS HIPAA page, ? Might be
a bit more authoritative that Wikipedia.

Best answer, maybe. Depends on the circumstances
(HIPPA/HIPAA[0] provide different sets of protections.
Encryption/Digital signatures may or may not be applicable.)

OpenPGP can be used for HIPAA compliance - I've implemented it for
several medical practices.

Your interests would be best served by a) hiring the services of a
security consultant knowledgeable in the dealings of HIPAA specifically
as it relates to the FDA; b) consulting an attorney knowledgeable in
technology, c) both of the above.

[0] way back in the dark ages of the mid-90s, before HIPAA: the Health
Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, there was HIPPA: Health
Information Privacy Protection Act. Google "health information privacy
protection act" in quotes to get references to HIPPA, without quotes
you'll get HIPAA. EPIC has a good Bibliography[1] on the Confidentiality
of Health Information.

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