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Hi All,

that a back up export utility would be a good idea - one that selected
all the files required. Changing file formats perhaps complicates the
issue of export/import between operating systems - microsoft bringing
out "new" versions (if that made a difference?) of it's operating system/s.

A platform independent set of data files means no matter what o/s you
choose one can switch between and share data. Core data formats could
change for improved security - whatever as long as o/s independent.

I'm not a developer :) just another end user!



Werner Koch wrote:
>> Yes, that's true.  However, this could lead to problems if some day
>> the format of GnuPG's keyring files should change, and especially
>> if it should change in some architecture-specific way.
> The latter won't ever happen.  All file formats used by GnuPG are
> platform neutral; i.e. we use well defined lengths for all integers,
> utf-8 for string encoding and network byte ordering.
>> the same architecture.  Well, of course, it would be a pain if
>> a future GnuPG version would not be able to read the current version's
>> files, but it *could* happen one day.  Of course, I'm NOT speaking
> The time required to write and test the migration code is actually the
> reason why we are still using the old format ;-).
>>   gpg --export --armor > pubkeys.txt
>>   gpg --export-secret-keys --armor > seckeys.txt
>>   gpg --export-ownertrust > ownertrust.txt
> You also better backup the config giles, whoever, they might need
> adjustments if gpg is installed somewhere else.  The option --armor is
> not required but might be helpful in case the files are transported via
> FTP and and one forgets to use switch to binary mode.
>> Still, for the present, all keyrings on all versions of GnuPG seem
>> to be compatible, so, *for the present*, it is easier to just copy
>> the files over.  The whole point is, that's not guaranteed to work
>> forever :)
> Exactly.
> The whole discussion makes me think about a backup and restore tool.
> This would in particular be useful for GnuPG-2, which requires a couple
> files more to be backed up.
> Salam-Shalom,
>    Werner

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