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Raimar Sandner wrote:
> Hello,
> when gnupg trusts a key as a result of trustdb calculations, I would
> like to know what the chain depth for the given key is.
> I know that I can control the maximal acceptable depth with the
> max-cert-depth configuration parameter. I would like to keep the
> default of 5, but it is still a difference regarding the
> trustworthiness of a key if it is frully trusted in, say, third or 
> fifth level.
> Manually following the trust chains can be annoying, and could also
> lead to false conclusions as in the following small example:
> Say we have marginals-needed=2, completes-needed=1 and the web of 
> trust is
> #   me -> A ---------> E
> #   |     \---> D ----/
> #   \-> B -> C /
> with the ownertrust values
> A: marginal
> D: marginal
> C: marginal
> B: full
> On a first glance one might think as we have the chains me->A->E and
> me->A->D->E, that E is fully trusted in third level. But because D
> only is trusted in third level (me->B->C->D), E is actually trusted
> in fourth level. This rapidly gets more complex with a growing web
> of trust.
> As of now I can only think of gradually reducing max-cert-depth,
> recalculating trustdb and see, if a given key stays fully trusted.
> Is there a better way to determin the cert depth? If not, I think
> this would be a nice feature to implement.
> Cheers, 
>     Raimar
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Hi, I don't wish to be over-simplistic, but I had thought that the web
of trust was a people thing rather than a mathematical model.

I can appreciate it's difficult to form a web of trust between people
that you never meet - like me posting here - the idea I thought was to
develop such networks through people that one knows - or gets to know
via  shared contacts - shared experiences - common interests and concerns.

What is trust anyway? Common shared values? How does one measure that
with the depth of signed keys?

Ok so I'm being a bit philosophical

Best Wishes :)

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