certificate chain depth (technical)

Raimar Sandner lists at 404not-found.de
Sun Apr 26 00:27:57 CEST 2009

On Saturday 25 April 2009 18:27:44 Raimar Sandner wrote:
> Hello,
> when gnupg trusts a key as a result of trustdb calculations, I would
> like to know what the chain depth for the given key is.
> As of now I can only think of gradually reducing max-cert-depth,
> recalculating trustdb and see, if a given key stays fully trusted.
> Is there a better way to determin the cert depth? If not, I think
> this would be a nice feature to implement.

So as the discussion tends to drift a bit off-topic (no offense), I would like 
to dedicate this sub-thread to the technical question asked. 

Is there some way to determin the certificate depth? I regard it to be useful 
information, maybe someone else does too. I suppose the value should be 
present somewhere in the trustdb, just not accessible right now.


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