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Alexander Bertram wrote:
> Liebe Mitglieder,
> ich habe mit GnuPG ein asymmetrisches Schlüsselpaar auf meiner Smartcard
> generiert. *Der private und öffentliche Schlüssel wurde direkt auf der
> Karte erzeugt.*

Such a smart card , Like this ?

Please which card reader did you use,  there are many types of them.

as an example:

technisch aktuellen

Chipkartenleser (Reiner SCT, Secoder)
und die neueste Version der Signatursoftware Intarsys „SignLive! CC“

Herzlich willkommen bei REINER SCT,
dem Spezialisten für Chipkartenlesegeräte!

Popular in germany but you do know that HBCI is  obsolete?

FinTS (Financial Transaction Services),

Is the latest in greatest of all new protocols.


Buth card reader and software for reading frm and writing to the card is

With the latest PC/SC CCID specifications the PC/SC Workgroup
( has defined a new way of smart card framework.
It works with USB devices with the specific device class 0x0B. Readers
with this class do not need device drivers because the operating system
manufacturer supplies it by default.

It would be nice if you may re post your question in English.

GnuPG may also work with the .gnupg/  directory from a usb memory stick.

There is also an openPGP card,

and an OpenPGP smartcard specification

I only use GnuPG and no cardreader, no smartcard. And I never copy
sensitive data on any usb device. It is simply fraught with peril.

What do you do if someone copies the private key from any usb stick or
smart card? You may easily "Loose" it and by pure accident "someone"
simply "Finds" it where you have "Lost" it ?

I'm curious how this is supposed to work and if it will ever work the
way marketing wants us to swallow SIM cards, RFIDs and whatever new cool
and fancy stuff industry and government may design together:

Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears

GnuPG is about pretty Good Privacy,

Sincerely yours,

Morten Gulbrandsen

Java programmer, C++ programmer
CAcert Assurer, GSWoT introducer, thawte Notary
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