Two convicted in U.K. for refusal to decrypt data

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This is what the uk law has to say on the matter (see below) so I
interpret it as this. You may not be guilty but if you don't give them
the info they require in the format they require you are then guilty of
that law.

3.1 Part III provides a statutory framework that enables public
authorities to require protected electronic information which they
have obtained lawfully or are likely to obtain lawfully be put into an
intelligible form; to acquire the means to gain access to protected
information and to acquire the means to put protected information
into an intelligible form.
3.2 The specific provisions are:
power to require disclosure of protected information in an
intelligible form (section 49);
power to require disclosure of the means to access protected
information (section 50(3)(c);
power to require disclosure of the means of putting protected
information into an intelligible form (section 50(3)(c)), and
power to attach a secrecy provision to any disclosure requirement
(section 54).
3.3 Failure to comply with a disclosure requirement or a secrecy
requirement is a criminal offence.


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> And if you look at the cases reported, these are not system admins
refusing to divulge data, or even regular people trying to protect their
privacy - they are child molestors and wanna-be terrorists.

Bollocks, To be charged is not necessarily to be guilty, The concept of
fair trial & presumend innocent until found guilty in a court of Law,
must preceed assuming pronoun "convicted" applies to each charged.

Better stick to technology.

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