How do I flush a bad symmetric password from gpg-agent?

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 19 09:20:40 CEST 2009

On Tue, 18 Aug 2009 20:28, dougb at said:

> Today I mis-typed a passphrase for a symmetrically encrypted file and
> was surprised to discover that gpg-agent had stored the bad passphrase
> and would not let me access the file. I have occasionally in the past

This is a new and probably not too well tested feature.  I'll check whey
this is going wrong.

> Looking through the man page I don't see any way to flush the bad
> password from the agent. Killing and restarting works of course, but

That is pretty easy: Give the gpg-agent a HUP ("pkill -HUP gpg-agent")
or better use "gpgconf --reload gpg-agent" which basically does the


    This signal flushes all cached passphrases and if the program has
    been started with a configuration file, the configuration file is
    read again.  Only certain options are honored: quiet, verbose,
    debug, debug-all, debug-level, no-grab, pinentry-program,
    default-cache-ttl, max-cache-ttl, ignore-cache-for-signing,
    allow-mark-trusted and disable-scdaemon.  scdaemon-program is also
    supported but due to the current implementation, which calls the
    scdaemon only once, it is not of much use unless you manually kill
    the scdaemon.



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