how to validate keys on smartcard (only) on an other PC or on a news OS installation

tux.tsndcb at tux.tsndcb at
Fri Aug 21 15:39:34 CEST 2009


I don't know how to validate keys on smartcard V2 on PC2 when the keys has been generated on PC1 or if the hard disk crash on PC1 how to validate again it after new OS installation.

I ask for this, because when I put for example my smartcard on PC2 with key generate on PC1, when I done gpg2 --card-status or gpg2 --card-edit I can only see the fingerprint of the three keys but nothing on General key information.

I've done many test on debian with gnupg2 patched with (cherry keyboard (terminal xx44) and smc 3440) and with gpg4win 2.0.0. with (cherry keyboard (terminal xx44) and smc 3440).

But I've always the same result, I can only see general key info on the OS where I've generated the keys.

Perhaps I think there are some command line to validate smartcard keys on trust database or other ?

So how can I do that (import key, when I've only keys on smartcard, no public key on keyserver or on file and no file private and secret keys backup.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Best Regards.

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