Can't import valid GPG keys in Ubuntu

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu Dec 10 15:55:43 CET 2009

BlueGnu <haveyouworked () aol ! com> wrote on 2009-12-04 16:08:24 :

>I have a multi-boot system, Windows and Ubuntu 9.10.  I installed 
>Gpg4win on Windows, and on Ubuntu I installed GNU Privacy 
Assistant and Kleopatra to
>make the encryption process similar on each OS.  All the keys 
>correctly in each OS when I first set up this system, but recently 
all my
>keys disappeared from the Ubuntu installation. 

i have a similar setup with ubuntu 9.10 and winxp and gpg4win 
but didn't install Kleopatra or GNU  Privacy assistant on ubuntu

gpg4win installs gpg 2.x and ubuntu ships with 1.4.9 already 
this may be one of the problem roots

one of the nice things about a dual boot ubuntu/windows system, is 
that ubuntu can see everything in the nt windows partition and 
import it 

you can drag and drop your gnupg keys from windows into ubuntu by 
using the ubuntu equivalent of windows explorer
(so much for the security of windows xp logon passwords ;-) 
[anyone can boot from an ubuntu cd and get any unencrypted file in 

it's very time consuming for me to test this on my system, because, 
for the above reason, i true-crypt encrypted the entire nt windows 
partition from windows, and it's inaccessible from ubuntu

first try importing the keys into ubuntu from windows

see if ubuntu gnupg works with this through Kleopatra

if not,
then try accessing the keys from the ubuntu gnupg commandline in 
the terminal

if this does work, then the problem is somehow in kleopatra

if this also doesn't work,
then maybe those here with more linux experience can help


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