newb: help did gen-key twice

ed stuckems edstuckems at
Mon Dec 14 07:24:53 CET 2009

I ran gpg --gen-key twice and now --list-key shows two keys.  I
suppose I can delete the second one but I'm not sure I want to.  In
order to freely use either key without having people sign each of the
two keys I was hoping to cross sign the keys, ie, I want to sign key 2
with key 1 and sign key 1 with key 2.  I find that I can easily sign
key 2 with key 1, but I can't seem to sign key 1 with key two.  Here's
what I did:

$ gpg --gen-key
$ gpg --gen-key
$ gpg --edit-key <key2>
command > sign
command > save
$ gpg --edit-key <key1>
command > sign
"key1" was already signed by key <key1>
Nothing to sign with key <key1>
command > quit

So how do I sign key 1 with key 2, or how do I tell gpg that the
signing of key 1 should be done with key2 and not key1?


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