app_readcert failed (smartcard)

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Feb 2 09:49:38 CET 2009

On Fri, 30 Jan 2009 22:27, wolfgang at said:

> scdaemon[18495.0] DBG: <- READCERT OPENPGP.1
> 2009-01-30 22:24:17 scdaemon[18495] app_readcert failed: Nicht
> unterstützte Verarbeitungsaufgabe
> scdaemon[18495.0] DBG: -> ERR 100663420 Nicht unterstützte
> Verarbeitungsaufgabe <SCD>

There is no certificate stored on the card and gpg should ignore the
error code.  I don't know why this does not happen.  BTW, you should
update to 2.0.10 for your tests.

> Another question is about the status of ctapi support. I failed to set
> it up and read that it's deprecated. But my online banking software is

I don't have any ctapi reader anymore, or well I did not tested them in
years.  It is very likely that the ctapi interface does not work
anymore.  It is obsolete and will eventually be removed.

> also using ctapi so I think having gnupg using pcsc-lite and the

ctapi is not a standard and really really odl.  There is no need for it
and we can't support it.



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