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David Shaw dshaw at
Mon Feb 2 15:49:44 CET 2009

On Feb 2, 2009, at 4:45 AM, Sven Radde wrote:

> Hi GnuPG-Users!
> Is there anywhere a list of notations that do currently have any  
> kind of
> "canonical" meaning (or, rather, are interpreted by GnuPG and/or  
> popular
> MUAs in any way)?
> I found out about "pka-adress at" and a quite old notation
> that tells the commercial PGP about PGP/MIME capabilities but that  
> seems
> to be it.

Those are the only two real ones that I know of.  GPG interprets pka- 
address, of couse, but it merely "knows about" preferred-email-encoding at 
  (i.e. GPG accepts it, but it is up to the MUA to act on it).

PKA information:
preferred-email-encoding information:

In the "non-real" category, I've seen "comment" used, but that is an  
illegal notation name (it lacks the @ and domain, and is not  
registered with the IETF).

> PKA seems to be an interesting feature btw. Is it widely used?

That, I couldn't say.  It's been my experience that things involving  
DNS and OpenPGP have not had particularly good adoption: not that many  
people have access to their own DNS, and that acts as a barrier on top  
of all the other usual OpenPGP barriers.


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