gpg: failed to create temporary file

Joseph Oreste Bruni jbruni at
Tue Feb 3 22:23:43 CET 2009

On Feb 3, 2009, at 1:28 PM, lee_andre at wrote:

> Good Afternoon,
> I am currently trying to decrypt a file through an automated process  
> that is called by a webservice called BPEL.  Now in my development  
> environment it works great but in my test enviroment I receive the  
> following errors:
> Error string = gpg: failed to create temporary file  
> `~/.gnupg/.#lk0x552ac57230.tst-dataexch.19415': No such file or  
> directory
> or
> Error string = gpg: failed to create temporary file  
> `~/.gnupg/.#lk0x552ac57230.tst-dataexch.19127': No such file or  
> directory gpg: fatal: ~/.gnupg: can't create directory: No such file  
> or directory secmem usage: 0/0 bytes in 0/0 blocks of pool 0/32768
> My system admin and I did the following troublshooting steps:
> The application runs as the user oracle and in the oracle profile  
> there /.gnupg does exist in its home directory
> We open up permissions on the /.gnupg directory to 777 but received  
> the same issues.
> We then found that my dev and test environment were different, Dev  
> is running red hat 5.0 and test red hat  4.7, so the gpg versions  
> were different.  On the dev GPG version is 1.4.5 and the test is  
> 1.2.6.
> We've upgraded the version in the test environment to 1.4.5 the same  
> as Dev.  But I produce the same results.
> I am able to decrypt the file manually by typing in the command but  
> not throught the application.
> We also added GNUPGHOME in the oracle user bash profile but still no  
> luck.
> Please any help is appreciated.
> Thank you in Advance
> Andre

Most likely, your application is not actually running as the "oracle"  
user. Try adding a call to "whoami" in your script to make sure it  
really is running as "oracle". You might add "env" as well so you have  
a good picture of your environment variables.


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