Paperkey question

Dirk Zemisch lists_de at
Sun Feb 8 17:00:38 CET 2009

Hello Ingo, hello GnuPG Users,

On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 16:36:48 +0100 
Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at> wrote:

> On Sunday 08 February 2009, Ian Hill wrote:
> > I have a question about paperkey, bearing in mind that this
> > application may not always be available can one restore the secret
> > key just using the printed paperkey and the public key from
> > keyservers manually.
> Yes. All you need to know is the format used by paperkey, the format
> of OpenPGP keys and a good hex editor.

Does it mean, that anybody who gets the papekey printout can restore my
private key - even if he doesn't know my passphrase? Sure? 


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