Fw: Paperkey question

Dirk Zemisch lists_de at zemisch.de
Sun Feb 8 19:12:10 CET 2009


I'Ve got some answers as PM, maybe they are interesting also for other
list members...

My question was:
>> Does it mean, that anybody who gets the papekey printout can
>> restore my private key - even if he doesn't know my passphrase? Sure?

From David Shaw came the following:

> Yes and no.  Someone could restore your private key in the sense
> that they could recreate the same secret key file that you have.
> However, they could not use it as the paper key has the same
> passphrase as your secret key.

> You should protect the paper the same way you protect your
> electronic secret key.

And from Ian:

> No the paperkey is encrypted with your passphrase as well.  They
> could restore your secret key but would not know but would need your
> passphrase to use it.

Thanks for the answers. I always was ready to burn my paperkey
print. Now I don't need to do so. ;-)


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