openPGP card: using a readers keypad instead of pinentry-qt

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 12 12:41:45 CET 2009

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 09:46, malte.gell at said:

> being a class 3 reader, my cardreader has a keypad and a display, but gpg-
> agent still invokes pinentry-qt to enter the pin. How can I change this to use 
> the cardreader's keypad?

Your card reader's keypad is not supported.  See this comment:

  /* We have only tested a few readers so better don't risk anything
     and do not allow the use with other readers. */
  switch (handle->id_vendor)
    case VENDOR_SCM:  /* Tested with SPR 532. */
    case VENDOR_KAAN: /* Tested with KAAN Advanced (1.02). */
      /* The CHERRY XX44 keyboard echos an asterisk for each entered
         character on the keyboard channel.  We use a special variant
         of PC_to_RDR_Secure which directs these characters to the
         smart card's bulk-in channel.  We also need to append a zero
         Lc byte to the APDU.  It seems that it will be replaced with
         the actual length instead of being appended before the APDU
         is send to the card. */
      cherry_mode = 1;

You also need to use the internal ccid driver.



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