Graphing Web of Trust

Andre Amorim decouk at
Fri Feb 13 20:05:59 CET 2009

Hello List,
I've been playing with sig2dot to draw graph from the keys stored in
my own keyring but,

How can I do a graph from diferents key sign parties?

Party 1 (A to Z members)
A1,B1,C1 ... Z1

Party 2 (AZ)
A2,B2,C2 ... Z2

Party 3 (AZ)
A3,B3,C3 ... Z3

Now some members of Party1, Party2 and Party3 had sign each other keys.

How can I draw a graph global of it (including Party1, Party2 and Party3) ?

and If all members of all parties had send they keys to same server is
possible draw a graph from the server files as a source..???


Andre Amorim
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