How secure asymmetric encryption to yourself?

gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) gerry.lowry at
Mon Feb 23 17:36:49 CET 2009

a paranoid's answer to your question:

your passphrase is also required ... so my best guess is that you are more or less safe;
others on this list would know better than myself.

Here's the paranoid part:  if your system became compromised with a keylogger,
                                       you could be vunerable to having your passphrase stolen.

More paranoia:  when you're viewing your file as plain text which you must do
                         to read its contents (unless you're superhuman), your text
                         is at least temporarilly vunerable.

a paranoid's solution:  have a second computer, even a small pocket something
                                 or other that supports PGP/GPG technology and also
                                 is NEVER connected to the rest of the connected world;
                                 keep your secured information on the second computer only;
                                 external backups excluded (you can never have too much
                                 backup; some backup is better than none).

Gerry (Lowry)

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