"Please select what kind of key you want" ~~ suggestion to developers

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Tue Feb 24 07:24:56 CET 2009

While in general I agree with what you've said in this thread Robert,
I do want to present one small ray of hope. At my last job we dealt
with a great deal of "sensitive" information (usually time sensitive,
i.e., it would be released eventually but needed to be "just right"
first) and being the dreaded "technologist in a managerial role" I
strongly advocated the use of PGP in preference to other methods of
"secure" communication for the obvious reasons (availability, cost,
etc.). Once the IT department signed off, I actually started sitting
with my colleagues and walking them through the process of generating
keys, integrating with outlook, etc.

Then the fun part, I started sending people encrypted stuff. This
often required another round of walking people through the process,
but eventually it became sort of accepted, and generally (although
sometimes grudgingly) acknowledged as a Good Idea. When I got my first
unsolicited encrypted item in the mail, I knew I that progress was
being made. :)

It's probably worth noting that this was a technology-friendly
workplace, and before I arrived there was already a culture of
acceptance for things like encrypted chat, etc. But my point is, it's
not all bad news "out there."

hope this helps,


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