How secure asymmetric encryption to yourself?

Chris Poole chris at
Tue Feb 24 11:28:44 CET 2009

Thanks for the reply.

I now feel a little safer doing what I'm doing :)

> PS: IMHO there are more usable ways of managing one's passwords than
> storing them in a GnuPG file (although much can be accomplished by
> wrapping access to that file through a number of shell scripts, I  
> assume).

Yes, I wrote some quick scripts to move the encrypted file to a tmpfs  
are (i.e., stored in RAM), then unencrypted. So the actual passwords  
should be in RAM only, not on disk. I then remove with secure rm, just  

I have looked for free software password managers (that are ideally  
cross platform as I use Mac OS X as well as Linux), but can't find one  
that is used enough for me to think it safe. Some of them just get in  
my way too; I store my passwords as a CSV file, so it's easy to import  
to a new password manager too if I want to try something new.

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