multiple e-mail addresses: what are the solutions?

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Wed Feb 25 07:03:35 CET 2009

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gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) escribió:
> My question:  if I go with separate keys, as in
>       e-mail_address_1          public_key_1        private_key_1
>       e-mail_address_2          public_key_2        private_key_2
>       e-mail_address_3          public_key_3        private_key_3
> then, is it permissible to have
> all of my public keys together on the same pubring.gpg file and
>  all of my private keys together on the same secring.gpg file?

  Yes, it's very possible, and each private key can have it's own
different passphrase. GnuPG knows what key to use to decrypt each message.

> Also, if it is possible, what are the advantages and the disadvantages?

  Well, the advantage is you can decrypt all the messages encrypted to
your different keys without having to switch from one keyring to
another. The disadvantage is if your hdd crashes, all your keys crash
together. Of course, the idea is to have a backup.

  I started making 1 different key pair for each one of my email
accounts. But at some point, I added more UIDs, so currently 2 of my
email accounts can use either 1 key or another one. The remaining email
addresses are still "isolated". And I keep all those keys in the same
keyrings, and I manage all the email accounts from the same email client
(Mozilla Thunderbird). My TB is configured to use 1 key when composing
messages from 1 email account, and other key for the other account, and
so on.

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