future proof file encryption

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Fri Feb 27 16:06:35 CET 2009

Sven Radde email at sven-radde.de
wrote on Fri Feb 27 14:55:39 CET 2009 :

>When using encrypted backups, 100% data integrity plays a much 
>role than when just storing unencrypted data.

for really long term encryption,
would guess that it is more likely that there would be a problem 
with the durability of the storage medium, 
than with the availability of gnupg and the platforms and hardware 
to run it ;-)

my $0.02 suggestion :

[1] armor encrypt the files so that it can be published in text form

[2] hash the final encrypted .asc text with 2 (or as many more as 
you wish) different hash algorithms, and append the hashes, also in 
text form, to the end of the encrypted .asc text

[3] put the whole thing on microfilm
(don't know which specific type of microfilm. but this can be 
researched by finding out which ones are most preferred by 
libraries, museums, govt. archivals,  etc.)

[4] retrieve it from the microfilm and check that the hashes verify 
and that the file decrypts

[5] (weakest point of this scheme ;-) )
make sure your really secure passphrase is somehow remembered in 
the future when it is time to decrypt ... ;-))


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