how-to 1) remove a key, 2) avoid spam, 3) add a principal UID when delete ?

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Thu Jan 1 22:40:44 CET 2009

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Raphaël Maville wrote:
> 1) How to delete an unpublished GnuPG key from a computer when the
> Passphrase and the Revoke file are lost ?
> This key was create without revoke file. It was not published at all on
> internet or to my friends.

If You're certain the Key has _not_ been disseminated anywhere & there
is nothing encrypted to it that You may wish to recover if/when the
passphrase is 'remembered' then just delete it.

> 2) How to avoid spaming to my mail boxes, is it better to do not mention
> it on a gnuPG key ?

This is much debated.  I belong to the camp that believes having the
Email Address within the Key UID makes no difference.  Not having an
email address associated with Your Key makes utilizing it in some
situations impossible. [Key selection by Address, Creating a Big Lumber
listing, etc.]

> 3) How to add a "principal" uid to a key ?
> I had removed the principal UID because I wanted to modify the firstname
> ("trema" not well prompted). And then I can only add sub-uid.

Create the UID You want on the Key and then set it as Primary.  Go to
the UID You're unhappy with and revoke it.  If the Key has never been
published to any Keyserver then You can simply delete the revoked UID.
If it has then re-publish the Key with revoked UID to the Servers.


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