installing gpg on Mandriva 2009

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Sat Jan 3 08:36:56 CET 2009

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Chris wrote:
> On Friday 02 January 2009 23:06:29 Simon Dwyer wrote:
>> - gpg control packet
>> Chris wrote:
>>> On Friday 02 January 2009 20:39:04 Chris wrote:
>>>> I've updated my Mandrake 10.1 box to 2009. On the 10.1 system gpg and
>>>> gpg-agent were working smoothly.  I installed gnupg-2.0.9 from source
>>>> and copied my old .conf files over to the .gnupg folder. I also
>>>> installed kgpg. When trying to add my key in Kmail to Identies >
>>>> Cryptography >OpenPGP Signing key the "fetching keys" bar continues to
>>>> scroll back and forth without fetching anything. My key is on the key
>>>> servers. My key is entered in the OpenPGP encryption key block already. 
>>>> I had this working correctly in 10.1 but it won't work now. I must be
>>>> missing something. I have all the required libraries installed as well
>>>> as pinentry-qt.  Any advice would be appreciated.
>>>> Chris
>>> One other note on the above, gpg-agent appears not to be running at least
>>> that's what Kmail says when it starts. Trying to run from the cli gives
>>> me:
>>> [root at localhost ~]# gpg-agent
>>> gpg-agent[24043]: can't connect to `/root/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent': No such
>>> file or directory
>>> gpg-agent: no gpg-agent running in this session
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>> Just so you know i had the same problem on a debian box i used to make
>> my keys on yesterday... so there must be something out there.
> And it works fine in T-Bird with the Enigmail plugin, asks for passphrase just 
> as it should.

Are you talking about mine?  i am using TBird and enigmail on a winblows
box atm incase you were. i am sure the agent didnt work on the other box.

sorry if i am confused
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