Expire of elgamal sub

Laurent Jumet laurent.jumet at skynet.be
Wed Jan 7 09:21:58 CET 2009

Hello Faramir !

Faramir <faramir.cl at gmail.com> wrote:

>> A much more time later I saw, that my elgamal still has got an
>> expiration date and I can not find anything how I could change it.

>  gpg -edit--key 7A5A6CC7 (press enter)
>  key 1 (press enter -this will select the subkey to edit)
>  expire (press enter -this will tell gpg you want to modify the
> expiration date)
> and then, select the new expiration time. 0 means it will never expire,
> (n)w means it will expire in n weeks... gpg will show you the
>  available
> options.
>  Once everything is ok, use the 'save' command to save the changes, and
> all you need to do after that, is to send your public key to your
> friends (or to upload it again to keyservers) in order to let them know
> your subkey is not going to expire.

    Special attention should be payd to V3 and V4 sigs, that implies keys expiration.

Laurent Jumet
      KeyID: 0xCFAF704C

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