Question of using GNUPG on Win OS

Neil Yan neil.yan at
Sat Jan 10 20:47:46 CET 2009


Currently i have a project need some data from PGP encrypted files. I need
to decrypt these files by program. I think GNUPG should be a greate tool for
my requirement. But I am really confused by the GNUPG version and usage
since I don't have many experience of Linux OS. My project will be executed
on Win OS. So, I have following questions need your help. Really appriciated
for any helps.

1. Where can I download a windows version of GNUPG? The files on GNUPG
download ftp site seems all are Linux version.

2. How can I decrypt files by using GNUPG programmatic? Using some DLL API
or call the command?

3. Are there any guid or documents for GNUPG windows version?

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