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Erik Martinson wrote:
> I have used GPG for years in a automated environment and I now need to
> upgrade the installed version of GPG from 1.0.6-2 to current.
> I have tried to copy the new .exe and .dll files in the folder and I loose my
> keys. I have figured out that my homedir is "HOME: C:/gnupg" for the old version
> and the new version uses the windows/user folders. I searched the net can can
> not find a command to update/change the default folder. Please advise.

There are several mechanisms possible:

1) add --homedir=C:\gnupg to the command line
2) Set the environment variable GNUPGHOME
3) Edit the registry. Depending on your needs edit the value of
   \Software\GNU\GNUPG:HomeDir in HKCU, HKLM, and/or HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT

   Optionally, it may work for you to delete the value. See below.
4) Move the files


From the entry for GnuPG 1.4.1 in NEWS.txt (installed in the Doc directory
within the program installation, default: C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\Doc.)

    * [W32] The algorithm for the default home directory changed:
      First we look at the environment variable GNUPGHOME, if this one
      is not set, we check whether the registry entry
      {HKCU,HKLM}\Software\GNU\GnuPG:HomeDir has been set. If this
      fails we use a GnuPG directory below the standard application
      data directory (APPDATA) of the current user. Only in the case
      that this directory cannot be determined, the old default of
      c:\gnupg will be used.  The option --homedir still overrides all
      of them.

Other files of particular interest in the Doc directory are gpg.man and

If you wish to discuss which option would be best, let me know via pvt mail.

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