A circular dependency problem with notification-daemon and libnotify...

Vlad "SATtva" Miller sattva at pgpru.com
Fri Jan 16 21:56:05 CET 2009

Chris Walters (16.01.2009 10:32):
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem.  I am running an AMD64
> arch, and when I try to "emerge notification-daemon", it will not compile
> because  libnotify is not present.  If I try to emerge libnotify, it tries to
> merge notification-daemon first, and I get the same problem.

I suppose bugs.gentoo.org is a more appropriate place for such report of
a problem with specific distribution system.

Nevertheless, I have both x11-misc/notification-daemon-0.3.7 and
x11-libs/libnotify-0.4.4 installed on my Gentoo amd64 systems. And yes,
notification-daemon was compiled without gstreamer use-flag. And no, I
don't know would it compile with it or not. Give it a shot.

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