storing gpg keys on a database

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jan 19 14:34:53 CET 2009

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 13:57, rjh at said:

> 1.  Create a regular SQL database with an email address as part of a
> composite primary key, and a binary blob as an unindexed column

Alternatively store the fingerprint and then use the fingerprint to
specify the key or to extract it.  If you want to have a format that
will work in the future you may prepend a "2:" to the fingerprint.  Example:

  $ gpg --list-keys --with-fingerprint --with-colons --fixed-list-mode
  uid:f::::1199120023::[...]::Werner Koch <wk at>:

With that data you would insert this into your DB.

"wk at" -> "2:80615870F5BAD690333686D0F2AD85AC1E42B367"

The reason for the "2:" is that the OpenPGP format will eventually be
changed to compute the fingerprint using a different algorithm.  The
"2:" indicates the curent algorithm.  If you need to save space you
would of course not use the hex encoding of the fingerprint.



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