OT: virus on the wild?

reynt0 reynt0 at cs.albany.edu
Thu Jan 22 17:32:41 CET 2009

To be brief, since this is pretty far OT:

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009, Faramir wrote:
  . . .
> And the third and last question is: why the AV detected the virus
> _before_ I visited the site?
  . . .

It is easy to imagine a software automatically reviewing
all browser page-loads, and, before any links are 
followed by the user, checking all further web pages
indicated by any urls included in the loaded-page's code.
(Similar to how link-following bots search the web.)  This
would be more thorough and helpful than checking some next
web page only as the user happens to click on a link to it;
and maybe simpler since is proactve in the AV software, not
requiring reactively to interrupt a page-load action being
initiated in the browser software.

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