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Robert J. Hansen escribió:
> Faramir wrote:
>>   Well, I don't think you are crazy, but I am part of the group that
>> likes to be able to chose between several options, provided all the
>> options are secure.
> That "provided" is the sticking point.  Small is beautiful, IMO.  YMMV.

  Well, you have always said any algo in GPG is safe enough to use...
and given the size windows applications have these days, I find GPG
amazingly small. Of course, that is just mi point of view... and also,
my programming skills are so small and pitiful, probably I don't really
realize the complexity of GPG.

> There is an apocryphal story about the United States Navy and the United
> States Air Force.  In the 1970s, the USAF and USN made an agreement that

> Two jets made it to the finalist stage: the YF-16 and the YF-18.  The
> Navy decided on the YF-18, a twin-engine jet fighter.  They liked the
> fact it had two engines: after all, if one engine goes out, the jet
> could still get back to the carrier on the other engine.

  Sound very reasonable...

> The Air Force was shocked by this and canceled their cooperation in the
> program.  They learned from the F-4 and the F-15 that twin-engine
> aircraft had more than twice the engine problems of single-engine
> aircraft.  The downside of the extra complexity was greater than the
> upside of having a second engine.  They refused to buy any YF-18s.  The
> single-engine YF-16 was far superior.

  Well, if you have land under the plane, your point of view can be
different... I mean, the single jet fails, you bail out, and walk home.
If that happens over sea, you bail out, fall to the sea, and the sharks
take lunch before the rescue vessel arrives.

> And this is, according to the story, why the Navy flies F-18 Hornets and
> the Air Force flies F-16 Falcons.

  It's a very interesting story. Some years ago, Chilean Air Force
announced they would sell some jet fighters (I can't remember what kind
of fighters they were), and buy new ones. That would make them use only
Mirage jet fighters, which was good for some reasons I never knew...
After a shot amount of time, they decided to buy F-16 jet fighters, to
don't have to rely in just 1 manufacturer... So I suppose it is bad to
put all the eggs in the same basket... maybe to use 1 basket for each
egg is too much, but there must be something between both extremes...

  I have seen you don't like the preferences list of GPG, and I remember
why you don't like it, but I remember David said he had modified it to
make GPG to consider the order of preferences... I remember there were
some "but...", but I can't recall them now.

  Best Regards
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