gnupg as ssh-agent

Ingo Krabbe ingo.krabbe at
Fri Jul 10 18:41:55 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 05:25:09PM +0100, Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> 2009/7/10 Ingo Krabbe <ingo.krabbe at>:
> > I now tried to use the gpg-agent as a ssh-agent too, as I always started both
> > agents anyway.  Now I wonder if I could also use my GnuPG Key as a key for a
> > ssh session too, which would be quite convenient.
> man gpg-agent:
> [...]
> --enable-ssh-support
>     SSH Keys, which are to be used through the agent, need to be added
> to the gpg-agent initially through the ssh-add utility. When a key is
> added, ssh-add will ask for the password of the provided key file and
> send the unprotected key material to the agent; this causes the
> gpg-agent to ask for a passphrase, which is to be used for encrypting
> the newly received key and storing it in a gpg-agent specific
> directory.

Of course I read that (multiple times to find the hidden secret), but that
doesn't answers the question, as I want to use my GnuPG Identity for the SSH

I already ssh-add'ed my ssh keys and it worked.  Now I want to add my GnuPG Key
to the ssh-agent part and asked if this is possible.

Actually both keys only contain RSA (in my case), so theoretically there's
only the container format between both systems, as fas as I can say.  What I'm
searching for is one key container for all systems.

Best regards,
I n g o  K r a b b e

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