gpg2 does not detect smart card adapter

Jan Suhr jan.suhr at
Sat Jul 11 10:06:56 CEST 2009

Hi Werner!

In installed gnupg from svn so that "scdaemon --version" reports to be
2.0.13-svn5074. Unfortunately I experience the same behaviour.

gpg-agent is up and running

All files in /dev/bus/usb/NNN/MMM have write permissions.

gpg-connect-agent 'SCD getinfo version' /bye
replies: "ERR 103 unknown command"
I get the same message when starting gpg-connect-agent first and
entering "SCD getinfo version" afterwards.

Thus I executed "gpgconf --reload scdaemon" but the previous error
message remains.

Doing a "ps xa" tells me that scdaemon is not running. So maybe "gpgconf
--reload scdaemon" was not working?

Thus I started "scdaemon --daemon" which seems to start the daemon.

Still "gpg-connect-agent 'SCD getinfo version' /bye" tells me "ERR 103
unknown command".

Any ideas are really appreciated.


Werner Koch schrieb:
> On Mon,  6 Jul 2009 11:48, jan.suhr at said:
>> I installed gnupg 2.0.12 but this had no effect. Unfortunately the error
>> is still the same.
> For some reasons you are running an very old version of
> scdaemon (< 2.0.5)
>> Please note that I did _not_ upgraded the required libraries but used
>> the version which are provided in Ubuntu. Do you recommend to upgrade
> I don't know what version Ubuntu distributes.
> Shalom-Salam,
>    Werner

Jan Suhr
German Privacy Foundation e.V.
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