Changing GPG's default key type?

Jan Suhr jan.suhr at
Wed Jul 29 17:14:04 CEST 2009

For my understanding GnuPG is standard conform and creates a "DSA
primary key (1024 bits - not "DSA2") with an Elgamal subkey per default."

It was discussed in May to change this standard to 2048-bit RSA key:

I am planing to create some new keys which will be used for the next
couple of years. Therefore I am wondering if it is a good idea to create
2048-bit RSA keys already although it is not standard (yet). So
potentially it could cause incompatibility issues. I suppose most of the
correspondents (>90%) use GnuPG and thus should not have any problems
with the keys.

Do you have further information about the coming standard key type? Are
there any other obstacles or implications to consider and what is your

Thanks and regards

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