Public key crypto by hand

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Thu Jul 30 17:37:02 CEST 2009

Brian Mearns wrote:

>if anyone knows of a
>public key system that can realistically be done by pencil and 


>anything that can reasonably be
>done by hand wouldn't be secure.

>Oh well. Pad locks it is. =)

don't know of any 'public key' systems,
but there are 'by hand' systems that are described as secure

the problems with a 'by hand' system are:

- getting a sufficiently 'random' key,
- being able to share it with a correspondent,
- and being able to change it with each message

try asking on sci.crypt

David Wagner is a respected cryptographer who occasionally answers 
interesting crypto questions

for the other posters there,
some are very helpful
and some are not at all
and some vary ... ;-)


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