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>> Robert wrote in part that  "We've known since '99 that Solitaire is weak, thanks to the work of Paul Crowley".
>> It was, however, sufficient as a plot device in "Cryptonomicon".
>> Even simple systems like pig-latin are sufficient as long as they are more sophisticated than those
>> from whom one wishes to safeguard information.
> Thanks, Gerry. I'm familiar with the system and the book (which was
> excellent). But Bruce Schneier still claims on this site that the
> cipher is reasonable strong, and now that I've heard otherwise I'm
> seeking more information.
> -Brian

Replying to myself, I found Crowley's site detailing the bias in

I only really have a basic understanding of crypto, nothing deeply
mathematical enough to understand how this actually effects the
strength of the cipher. Would anyone care to explain this at all?


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