GPG4WIN and GnuPG smartcard, Claws

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Mon Jun 8 22:37:24 CEST 2009

On Monday 08 June 2009, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sat,  6 Jun 2009 22:52, malte.gell at said:
> > Does the GPG4Win package support the GnuPG smartcard? Of course,
> > given there is a reader and its driver installed first...
> Yes.
> > And, how powerful is the Claws client? Does it support multiple
> > pop, smtp accounts and IMAP?
> The German c't magazine, issue 3/2009, run a test of several mail
> clients (Claws, Evo, Kmail, Thunderbird) with Claws being the only
> one with a '+' in all categories.  Closely followed by Kmail.  Yes,
> multiple accounts are possible with all protocols.

I was a bit disappointed of this article. I don't know why but the 
author of the article "forgot" four checkmarks. And it's not like the 
corresponding features are hidden from the user, e.g. there's 
an "Include sub-folders" checkbox in the Search dialog, but KMail still 
got a '-' for this feature. Given this KMail clearly deserves a '+' in 
the IMAP category IMNSHO, bringing it pretty much on par with Claws. (I 
don't understand why Claws has a ++ for security, but KMail only a +. 
Is it because Claws cannot render HTML (without some plugin)?)

Anyway, kudos to the developers of Claws for writing such a nice email 
client. It's nice to have a such worthy competitor. :-)

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