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Vlad "SATtva" Miller sattva at
Tue Jun 9 20:22:20 CEST 2009

kr aid (09.06.2009 05:23):
> What's interesting to me is that the top half of the public keys are the
> same, only the bottom half changes. What I want to know is 
> 1. Why did this happen?
> 2. Will this be a problem on my end? To me it looks like the public key
> that gpg uses is completely different from the key that I import in, so
> will my private key still be able to decrypt from it?

Yes, they will. What likely happened here is gpg exported public key
(actually, your digital certificate along with the key material) in a
slightly different way than pgp, and radix-64 encoding of the underlying
binary data lead to a differently looking ascii armor. While OpenPGP
implementation is exporting data in OpenPGP-conforming manner, it's no
matter in what sequence it is writing the actual packets.

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