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Rob Cilissen wrote:
| Hi There,
| First of all: I like this email signing en encryption. But I have a
| "problem". No one I know uses PGP to sign mails.

This seems to be a common problem. There may be organizations that use PGP
or GPG to sign and even encrypt their e-mail. But the average computer user
does not seem willing to do anything to increase the security of their
electronic communications. They talk about big brother intruding on their
communications, they worry about eavesdropping, and so on, but are
absolutely unwilling to use GPG, or even Enigmail, to accomplish it. WHen
all is said and done, more is said than done.

| Now I don't want to act
| as the cumputernerd and send everybody unasked signed mails and hope
| they also ara going to use PGP.

That is a problem. I tend to sign my e-mails except on mailing lists where
they are not welcome (but I forget and sign them sometimes when I forget). I
used to be resigned to be relegated to the computernerd class, but I get
complaints at times from people whose mail client cannot seem to tolerate

| Is there some subtile standard text/logo
| to add to your email signature where you can say: hey! I can use
| signing/encryption!

My view is that the signature is already subtle enough for this. At least
you do not encrypt your messages to people who cannot decrypt them. Of
course, you cannot, since you need their public key to encrypt.
| Of course I can create something myself, but is there some standard?
I have no idea. I suppose people would not know what your logo meant anyway.

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