How to verify a detached signature

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I have received a HTML file and a detached signature . I am not sure if
these are PGP compliant . The sender asks me to click there on
some web site to verify the file

As I am not very eager to click here ...or click there on some un known
website, I'd like to do the following and hence request help here :

1. How do I find out if a signature file _is_ PGP / GPG compliant

2. Presently I use GPG command line version. With that how do I verify that
the original HTML file is not tampered with. A command or set of commands
would be most appreciated

*Other details : *
3. This sender has so far sent me multiple files with signatures. The data
files are named "filename_dd_mm_yy.html" and the signature is always called
signature.bin (no date of no identifiable marks). All data files are only
signed and not encrypted

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