FW: TALX PGP Key Expiration Notice for 07/28/2009

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   We got new GPG key, We need to apply in Unix AIX server. I never done
before, Do we need to  install "Cygwin" software?


 Can you help me on this and how to test also. Please check below steps
is correct?



Installation steps

cd ~/.gnupg

gpg --import <filename>

gpg --sign-key <uid>

Command> trust

1 = I don't know or won't say

  2 = I do NOT trust

  3 = I trust marginally

  4 = I trust fully

  5 = I trust ultimately

  m = back to the main menu


Your decision? 5

Do you really want to set this key to ultimate trust? (y/N) y

Command> save




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From: Arjay, Terry 
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 8:13 AM
To: Krishnaswamy, Sambath 
Cc: Ligon, Teresa; Pandey, Omprakash
Subject: FW: TALX PGP Key Expiration Notice for 07/28/2009




The TALX PGP Key expires periodically.  We have some time, but wanted to
get this on your radar so that you have plenty of time to do what is
necessary to comply and keep us current.




Terrance M. Arjay

IBM Global Services

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From: TALX Operations Team [mailto:noreply at noreply.talx.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 5:17 AM
To: Arjay, Terry
Subject: TALX PGP Key Expiration Notice for 07/28/2009




Dear TALX Client,


Just a friendly reminder that the current TALX Corporation PGP Public

will expire on 7/28/2009 and will no longer encrypt files after this

As part of TALX's security policy, PGP keys expire on a semi-annual
basis to 

better protect confidential data.  


The new TALX public key is attached to this e-mail and is also available

at the following websites (The key is the same on each site): 


http://www.talx.com/pgp/ <http://www.talx.com/pgp/> 

http://www.theworknumber.com/pgp/ <http://www.theworknumber.com/pgp/>   



Please begin using this new key on or before 7/28/2009.  Instructions

downloading and using this key are at the end of this email. 


The new TALX public key file name is talxcorp01312010Public.asc and is

to expire on 1/31/2010.  Approximately one month before the key

we will provide a new public key for you to download.   We will notify
you via

email once the new key is available in order for you to have time to


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Client

Manager (CRM).  Do not reply to this e-mail as it is being sent from a 

"send-only" account that is not being monitored.







TALX requires using file-based encryption when transmitting over the

The encryption method is Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) version 6.5 or

by PGP Corporation (http://www.pgp.com/index.html
<http://www.pgp.com/index.html> ).  This software is

downward compatible to all UNIX and Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista versions. 


PGP works by using a PUBLIC key and a PRIVATE key.  The transmitter of

encrypts the transmission file with the receiver's public key.  The only
way that

this file can be unencrypted is when the right private key (which is

security control by the TALX Dataload team) is then matched with the

encrypted file and the correct pass phrase is entered. 


The key "talxcorp01312010Public.asc" is for PGP versions 6.5 and
greater.  The 
key uses Diffie-Hellman/Digital Signal Standard encryption, with a 2048
Diffie-Hellman key size.  This new public key will expire on January 31,
A new version of this key will be available for download within a month
of that date.



Along with encryption, PGP software also compresses the file to around

percent of the original size, greatly reducing transfer times.



The implementation procedure is as follows:


1. Client downloads the TALX public key from

http://www.talx.com/pgp <http://www.talx.com/pgp> ,

http://www.theworknumber.com/pgp/ <http://www.theworknumber.com/pgp/>

http://www.ucexpress.com/pgp/ <http://www.ucexpress.com/pgp/>  

(The key is the same at each URL) and save the key to a local drive by

clicking on the hyperlink on the website and selecting "Save Target As."


2. Client imports public key with PGP software onto their PGP software

*	Open PGP keys 
*	Select Keys 
*	Select Import Key and find where you saved the TALX Public Key 
*	Verify and sign key if required in your configuration


3. Client prepares file for transmission.


4. Client encrypts file with our public key using PGP software

*	 Right click on your file (in Windows Explorer) 
*	 Select PGP, then select encrypt 
*	 Double click on the TALX Public Key

(*The encrypted file will be built in the same location as the original


5. Client transmits file to TALX.  When transmitting via FTP you MUST

use BINARY transmission mode- as opposed to ASCII, which may be the


6.  TALX decrypts the file using our private key and our password



Thank you,


TALX Corporation <http://www.talx.com/> 

11432 Lackland

St. Louis, MO 63146


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  Please contact your client relationship manager for further

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