Any UNIX API for GPG available?

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Wed Jun 24 14:13:14 CEST 2009

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littleBrain wrote:
> Does anyone have the UNIX API documentation for GPG?
> Please reply to this thread. That would be very much helpful..
> Thanks in advance.
> ~
> littleBrain

Dear littleBrain

I do run Unix,

Solaris is certified as UNIX  according to the single unix
specification, from the open group.

I get my doc from here:

man  gpg

Reformatting page.  Please Wait... done

GNU Privacy Guard                                          GPG(1)

     gpg - OpenPGP encryption and signing tool

     gpg  [--homedir  dir]  [--options  file]  [options]  command

     gpg is the OpenPGP part of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). It
     is a tool to provide digital encryption and signing services
     using  the  OpenPGP  standard.  gpg  features  complete  key
     management  and all bells and whistles you can expect from a
     decent OpenPGP implementation.

     This is the standalone version of gpg.  For desktop use  you
     should consider using gpg2.

If you dorun solaris UNIXC  on x86  or  AMD64,

then you get the software as binary  here.

What is the output  of

bash-3.00$ uname  -a
SunOS solaris-devx 5.11 snv_64a i86pc i386 i86pc

for  AIX  IBMs unix  or HP-UX  Hewlett Packards unix

or other unixes  listed here:

Product Standard:

    * Apple Inc.: Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard on Intel-based Macintosh
    * Fujitsu Limited: Solaris™ 10 Operating System on Fujitsu
PRIMEPOWER® 64-bit SPARC® Based Platforms
    * Hewlett-Packard Company: HP-UX 11i V3 Release B.11.31 or later on
HP Integrity Servers
    * IBM Corporation: AIX 6 Operating System V6.1.2 with SP1 or later
    * IBM Corporation: AIX 5L for POWER V5.3 dated 7-2006 or later
    * IBM Corporation: AIX 5L for POWER V5.2 dated 8-2004 or later with
APARs: IY59610, IY60869, IY61405 with VAC or later on pSeries
CHRP systems
    * Sun Microsystems, Inc.: Solaris 10 Operating System plus patch
118844-06 for X86 and on, on 64-bit X86 based systems
    * Sun Microsystems, Inc.: Solaris 10 Operating System and on, on
32-bit X86 based systems
    * Sun Microsystems, Inc.: Solaris 10 Operating System and on, on
32-bit and 64-bit SPARC based systems

end of unix definition.


all this are UNIX03, on supported hardware  according to the current
UNIX 03  standard,

I can only help you with  solaris,

not with  Apple Mac OSX,  HP-UX  or  AIX.
Which also actually is unix, but a different unix.

Unix  api documentation in general you will get from the operating
system vendor. And they has most likely ported many gnu projects tou
their hardware. Unix is a wide concept.

Linux  and BSD is not exactly unix,
but has better Gnu Integration.

GPG  or  GnuPG  or  Bsd Privacy Guard, works very well and smooth under
all Linux and BSD operating systems,
on all CPUs which contains a linux or  BSD port.

Sincerely  yours,


Member of the Open Group

Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (SunOS)
Comment: For keyID and its URL see the OpenPGP message header


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