Separate stdout and stderr -- Any Command or shell script??

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On 06/24/09 02:56, quoth littleBrain:
> Hi All, 
> I am newbie to GPG. 
> I have got an application where it uses the following command to decrypt GPG
> encrypted messages. 
> /usr/local/bin/gpg --no-tty --passphrase-fd 0 -d /tmp/testXXXXXX.gpg 
> This often (at least rarely) returns an error. One such example is: 
> Decrypted message body 
> =-=-=-=-=-= 
> ----cut---- 
>       } 
> !     sprintf(prime_arg, "%s to %s", prime_arg1, prime_arg2); 
>    gpg: Signature made Fri May 25 13:11:36 2007 PDT using DSA key ID *******
> gpg: Good signature from "****************" 
> gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected 
>    ret.code = KADM5_OK; 
>       if (! CHANGEPW_SERVICE(rqstp)) { 
> --- 573,586 ---- 
> ----cut---- 
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 
> Key ID and email is deleted for security reasons.
> And I see, error and the decrypted message (stdOut??) are spewed out in the
> body. 
> I would like to separate these error messages to bottom of the message and
> standard decrypted output to the top of the body. 
> Could someone please help me to use some command or a shell script to
> achieve this? 
> Any help would be highly appreciated... 

When a program writes to stdout it goes to channel 1. stderr is channel 2. So
if you do something like

pgp [args] 1> out 2> err

then you can do separate things with the output versus the error channels.

You can try it yourself. Just run your command different ways:

cmd 1> /dev/null       # See only error messages
cmd 2> /dev/null       # See only the output and discard the error channel
cmd 2>&1               # See all of the output and error channel
                       # all delivered to the output channel
cmd 1>&2               # Send everything to the error channel
cmd > outpluserror 2>&1 # Put both output and errors into one file.

Wasn't that easy?

Make sense?

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> littleBrain

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