GPG Shell works but GnuPG commands fail - UPDATE

John Clizbe John at
Mon Mar 2 23:02:52 CET 2009

> Many hours of tinkering has given me a solution.
> Although I haven't found an explanation for why the GPA product throws a
> fatal error, I have conquered getting the GnuPG commands to work.  I
> found that the order of the commands and options are significant, and
> that I needed to surround the directory within "quotes".
> 'gpg --output C:\DATA\CD.icf  --passphrase my_pass --decrypt
> "C:\DATA\CD.txt" 

Instead of quoting the file name, gpg on windows understands forward
slashes as directory separators and will "Do the Right Thing(TM)"

gpg --output C:/DATA/CD.icf  --passphrase my_pass --decrypt C:/DATA/CD.txt


F:\>gpg --verify F:/MyDown~1/
gpg: Signature made 09/01/08 09:50:07 using DSA key ID 279D5C91
gpg: requesting key 279D5C91 from hkp server
gpg: key 279D5C91: public key "Daniel Stenberg (Haxx) <daniel at>"
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1
gpg: please do a --check-trustdb
gpg: Good signature from "Daniel Stenberg (Haxx) <daniel at>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the
Primary key fingerprint: 914C 533D F9B2 ADA2 204F  586D 78E1 1C6B 279D 5C91

If any of the names contain spaces you'll need to use either quotes
around the entire name or short names, eg DOCUME~1 for
'Documents and Settings' (DIR/X will give the short names).

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